Thursday, July 10, 2008

Grails Eclipse plugin

So I was messing around with Grails the other day, and heard about the wonderful Eclipse plugin. Like the documentation says, grails generates all the necessary files for Eclipse to recognize your project.

This is great and all, but a lot of people I spoke to encountered the same problem I did.
There's a file for your Spring DSL code, called resources.groovy located in

Many people will then receive the following error:

Invalid Package declaration in script: <path-to-your-project>/grails-app/conf/spring/resources.groovy is not in a source folder matching the package declaration: DonutStore/grails-app/conf/spring resources.groovy

I don't know enough Grails at the moment, but a quick fix is to add:

package spring;

to the top of the file.

Update:I've been coding Grails apps for several months now, and realize that this is just an error with the Eclipse plugin. Since I develop on the Mac, I prefer TextMate anyway. However, if you're an Eclipse fan, be glad that the SpringSource guys are working on a new and improved plugin and it should be available later this year.

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