Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Flex Day 2 (or 3, if you count Sunday)

The nightly parties at 360|Flex have been awesome, as well as the sessions.
Here's a review of some sessions I attended.

QTIndexSwapper and more Flash H.264 Fun - Renaun Erickson
  • Renaun showed his custom code which reindexes QuickTime movies so that the movie plays while downloading, AND the metadata is available sooner, rather than waiting for the entire movie to download
  • Check out his blog and link to his Google code: http://www.renaun.com/blog/

Future of Flex - Deepa Subramaniam
  • Flex for Mobile
  • Thermo - RIA Design tool; easy for designers and developers to create revolutionary and interactive interfaces that can be taken directly into production
    • Feels like an Adobe Creative Suite product
  • MXML-G, a new graphics library
  • Flex 4 components - has a new MVC model, where the skin (defined via CSS) is considered the view
    • Deepa showed a demo where a button changed its look dynamically

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